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CELBAN Speaking

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How to Prepare for CELBAN Speaking

1️⃣ - Are you an Internationally Educated Nurse preparing for the CELBAN to become licenced in Canada?

2️⃣ - Have you looking for ways to ELIMINATE being disappointed and depressed because you can't get the required score?

3⃣ - Do you want to learn why WISE Internationally Educated Nurses pass the exam with others don't?


If we could show you how to AVOID the CRITICAL MISTAKES

that prevent Internationally Educated Nurses from becoming licensed in Canada...


Would you be interested?

  • Imagine if you could discover how to eliminate disappointment and depression because you can't get the required score.

  • Imagine if you could do it without wasting time, energy and money on teachers who know nothing about the CELBAN, and writing and speaking in a nursing context.

  • Imagine if you could then discover why WISE Internationally Educates Nurses pass the CELBAN and others don't...

How valuable would that be to you?

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Your 3 CELBAN Preparation Options

CELBAN Information


  • CELBAN Preparation Guide Books

  • Study Planners

  • CELBAN Material

  • Flashcards

  • Medical Vocabulary

  • and more ...

CELBAN Material


  • Skill Development Programs

    • Listening ,

    • Reading

    • Speaking,

    • Writing,

    • and more ...

Online CELBAN Courses

Classes for ENROLLED Students

  • Canadian Communication & Culture

  • Essential EQ

  • Wonderful Writing

  • Video Courses

  • Live Group Sessions

  • and more!