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What You Need to Know

How do you know what skills you need to improve upon?

Use this self-assessment quiz to identify what is required on the CELBAN in reading, writing, listening and speaking.

The Can-Do series was created to increase your awareness of how different the CELBAN is compared to the IELTS, and to help you to make wise decisions about the resources, material, reviewers and teachers you use.

The questions will be asked and released one at a time, for you to consider and contemplate where you are when it comes to preparing for the speaking tasks. Points are rewarded when you participate and answer the questions. In this way you can become more familiar with how Google Classroom works so that you understand the technology before you take a course through CELBANPrep University.

The Can-Do statements come from the CLB, the Canadian Language Benchmarks, which is at the foundation of the CELBAN. (That is why the CELBAN has the letters C,L, and B in it.)

May these questions help you to preserve your energy and calmness while removing or mitigating tension and fatigue.

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CELBANPrep Silver


  • Skill Development Programs

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